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UNIKEY Solutions is an experienced company in the machinery and manufacturing industries. We have been actively involved in the metal industry for many years and has done business in different parts of the world. With this experience UNIKEY Solutions started to provide consultancy services to transfer its know-how to other companies as a service.

Thanks to the
years of experience

UNIKEY Solutions is capable of distinguishing the companies that can produce high quality from others with its years of experience. Unikey meets the best producers with the best suitable buyers.

In addition, UNIKEY Solutions and its partners' manufacturing facilities are able to produce turnkey production lines for many products. UNIKEY Solutions, with its extensive production capability, offers turnkey project solutions for a large number of products, especially in the metal industry, and can respond to different product needs.
UNIKEY Solutions continues to develop itself, and continues to have knowledge and experience in different industries and types of production.
Services such as foreign trade and marketing consulting, feasibility study, project planning, facility design, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and employee training are benefits of UNIKEY Solutions company.

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