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Unikey Solutions is an experienced company in the machinery and production industries. The company has been actively involved in the metal industry for many years and has done business in many parts of the world. Later, it started to provide consultancy services to transfer his experiences to other companies.

Production Lines for Different Products

We continuously improve our production capabilities to build production lines in different types. We can produce many different machines, we can develop and implement projects for different production types.


We upgrade, modernize and optimize your work so that you can get the most from your production facility.

Marketing Consultancy

We offer marketing consulting so that you can present your product to the appropriate market and make high sales at the right prices.

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)

We carry out all kind of engineering, production, delivery and montage processes for you and offer machines or completed production line ready to work.

Foreign Trade Consultancy

We offer foreign trade consulting services so that your products can reach different markets. We provide papers and documents for foreign trade.

Multiple Languages

We give support in Russian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Arabic and many different languages.


What we'll do

Feasibility Study

We make a condition assessment for the product you will produce before your investment decision and investigate the suitability for market of the product you want to produce.

Machine Design

We design and arrange the machines on turnkey production lines according to the features you want and the capacity you need.

Production Line Layout

We design the layout and production flow of the machines according to the area you want to set up your production line and we optimize your line as transports will be minimal.


The machines of your production line are placed and established according to your layout plan. All machines of the production line are made ready to work.


After the machines become operational, production tests are carried out and the production plant is made ready for production without problems. We help you to get the best possible performance out of your production line right from the start.


We train staff to work at your facility for machine learning and proper use of the machines. In this way we shorten the learning period and prevent the staff from using the machines incorrectly.

Let's make something great together

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