There is a various form of contracting arrangement for construction plans. EPC contract is one of the professional agreements between employer and client. It is very necessary for the detailed design and delivery of the big projects.

EPC means Engineering, Procurement, and Construction...

EPC means Engineering, Procurement, and Construction which is signed especially for handing over the construction works within agreed time and budget. This contract is highly beneficial to take full responsibility for the project.

The phases of EPC Management (EPCM):

  • Engineering – carrying out the detailed design of the project including technical and functional specifications.
  • Procurement – producing all essential equipment and materials.
  • Construction – building, and delivering the project to the client.

Companies that deliver EPC projects are commonly referred to as EPC contractors. They agree to complete full designing, equipping, and constructing of the facility and turn the project over to the client when it is ready for business operation.
The scope of work should be clearly defined in the contract documents. EPC contractors build the EPC projects within a specified period of time.
Generally, EPC companies undertake construction works on large-scale infrastructure and engineering projects.
For example, if you need to setup your Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line, at first, you need to find EPC company which is professional in the planning of the projects.

Then your responsibility will be sharing your requests with the contractor, providing basic engineering and giving the detailed design of galvanizing lines which is in your mind. Later the company will design the installation, procure the necessary materials and produce the galvanizing machines according to your requests. Finally, managing your time, cost and the quality of your project by EPCM will increase your work activity in the construction sector.


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