You have a project idea and finance but you don’t know how to plan and complete it. If you want to realize your project, in that case, try to make your idea with a company that offers turnkey services.

Turnkey is a product or service that is designed, fully complete and ready to operate.

It is very helpful for inexperienced clients. Because turnkey services give you an opportunity to achieve your goal professionally from beginning to the end.
Turnkey project is one of the important modes of carrying out international business. The project which the contractor undertakes the whole responsibility from design through completion and commissioning is considered a turnkey project. Private contractor designs and constructs a project for clients when it is entirely ready for operation. It means that a turnkey project is a construction contract between the employer (clients) and contractor.

The phases of turnkey project management:

  • Planning
  • Detailed designing of the facility
  • Tender
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

At first, turnkey manufacturing seems very long and expensive process, but this is the smart choice for the procurement projects. Because it eliminates obstacles of communicating with multiple companies. While the manufacturing, you need to be in contact with only one company. As it is getting the full package – design, manufacturing, and setup from one provider, high performance and on-time delivery of the operation facilitates the procedure and saves your time.
Turnkey projects are used in many fields, such as engineering, IT and so on, but commonly in the construction industry.

Think that you want to produce white cheese, but you have no any information about the manufacturing of milk processing lines. So the company which is specialized in turnkey projects can help you. The contractor meets with you, asks questions about your requests, then designs those machines or equipment and hand them over in fully operational form. After completing the project, you just need to ‘turn a key’.


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